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Let’s Take Flight ! 

Travel blog & guide about San Diego and California

San Diego, January 2016, I took a flight from France to enjoyed 5 months of happiness made in California. From this adventure, I wanted to create something that will last over time. That’s why I decided to share the best of it through this travel blog about San Diego and California. I’ll tell you here all my travel tips and how to enjoy the best possible way your travel to San Diego, the “America’s Finest City”! ✈


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San Diego Travel Blog

Why San Diego is the best city of California? 

Called the America’s Finest City, San Diego is located on the west coast of the United States, at the border with Mexico. Forget about Los Angeles and San Francisco, San Diego has nothing to be jealous of its Californian big sisters. The sweetness of life is immediate, maybe due to the sun and the Pacific hot streams. Life is easy there, between Californian beaches, the bustle of Downtown or the peace of the bay and its natural parks. In a snap you can go surfing to La Jolla, go for a walk into Balboa Park or have dinner in Little Italy. Every neighbourhood has something different to offer and that’s why we love this little Californian paradise!

Things to do in San Diego: