Adobe Falls

Adobe Falls

Listen up, I’m about to reveal you a secret place! Adobe Falls is the “Whaou” place that you won’t find in guides. Why that? It’s now prohibited to go to this waterfall spot owned by SDSU university. I’ve known this amazing landscape thanks to a stunning picture on Instagram. At this time I had no idea about the prohibition, so I decided to see this place with my own eyes. Don’t be afraid to trudge to find the spot. It’s really surprising to see how this place is that inaccessible.

In spite of prohibition, Adobe Falls gets popular (thanks to social medias ?) and you can meet numbers of curious people like me, including a lot of students. One must say, this place is really beautiful. This fall is the only active one in San Diego, covered by really colourful graffitis that makes it a real peace of art surrounded by nature.

Unfortunately, it’s true that this place can be dangerous. That’s why the police is more and more present there, so be careful… Finger crossed, let’s hope this place will be refitted one day and open to public !

Take a walk on SDSU campus

While your here, enjoy a little walk on the campus of San Diego State University, second emblematic university of San Diego !