Balboa Park

Balboa Park

In the middle of San Diego there is Balboa Park, a wide park where you can find both nature and cultural attractions. It’s so big you can get lost but also discover something new at each corner.

Balboa Park is the heart of the cultural life of the city, the kind of place to take a walk on Sundays, visit its many museums, simply laze or even to go jogging.

It’s a dreamy scene where it’s not rare to see many groom during a photo shoot. By the way, if you want to play the perfect-date-by-night card, just go there. There is nobody and lights are splendid…

Here is my selection of best things to see in Balboa Park :

The Spanish style

Something recognisable at first sight about Balboa Park are those spanish-style buildings. Arriving by the main entrance of Cabrillo Bridge, follow the main avenue of El Prado to discover the emblematic buildings : the San Diego Museum of Man and the Casa de Balboa amongst others.

Le jardin botanique

The other must-see : the botanical garden and its water mirror. As a palace, it reflected on the water where you can spend hours watching enormous coloured fishes and ducks. Don’t forget to take a look inside the botanical garden, it’s worth it!

Spreckels Organ Pavilion

Inside the park, at the center of an amphitheater, there is a somptuous outdoor organ. Every Sundays at 2pm, enjoy an open-air show. The acoustic makes of it a really nice and peaceful show.

House of Pacific Relations International Cottages

If you are looking for multi-cultural meetings, visit on Sundays this mini-village of the world. Little houses are decorated in a traditional way, representing each one a country of the world. About 34 countries are represented. Volunteers are present every Sunday afternoon to welcome you, sometimes with their cultural specialities. So funny to see the house of its own country!

Cactus Garden

There is a lot of little gardens in Balboa Park : roses garden, Australian garden, botanical garden,… But the one that I prefer is the cactus garden. A bit on the heights, away from the center, so the view is awesome. It’s not completely the desert but not far!

San Diego Zoo

Balboa Park is also the place of the famous Zoo of San Diego, one of the biggest in the world and an unmissable touristic place.

Palm Canyon

My palm tree passion obviously brings me to this canyon. In this hidden corner of the park, discover no fewer than 58 species of palm trees. Winding path will bring you over a shady but green place for a tropical atmosphere!

Spanish Village Art Center

An other little cute village in Balboa Park. Here it’s dedicated to Spanish where you can visit few small artist galleries. The most beautiful : colours and colours everywhere!