Cabrillo National Monument

Cabrillo National Monument

If you want to gain height, I recommend you to go to Cabrillo National Monument. On the height of Point Loma, this park is one of the highest spot to admire the view over San Diego.

In fine weather it’s even better, the view over the city and the ocean is to die for. Coronado Island can be seen and even the beginning of Mexico. It’s also the occasion to see how big the naval station is.

For information : there is a fee for the park access to ensure the maintenance (10$ for a car, 5$ on foot or bike. The 20$ annual pass might be good deal)

Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery 

The way to Cabrillo National Monument worth as much as the place itself. When you are on the road of Point Loma, stop to the National Cemetery of Fort Rosecrans. This place is really poignant and absolutely beautiful. On the heights, the white graves are perfectly aligned to create an powerful scenery.

Cabrillo Statue

This place take his name from Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo, the first European to direct an expedition to explore the US West Coast where he arrived in the San Diego Bay in 1542. At the point of the park his statue, symbol of the city, face the ocean. To know more about this story, a museum is also dedicated to this Spanish conquistador.

Old Point Loma Lighthouse

On the highest point of the park, there is the Lighthouse of Point Loma. You can visit this little house where used to live the lighthouse keepers. The old decor has been kept intact. One room is also dedicated to the lighthouse’s functioning.

The Secret Beach

What, a secret beach ?! In the cave of the point, secret wild beaches are hidden : the tide pools. It was too late for me but if you have the occasion to go find it, tell me how it is!