Downtown San Diego

Downtown San Diego

Downtown San Diego, buildings, palm trees and various architecture made the charm of this part of the city. I loved to do shopping, go out on bars, restaurants or just walk there. Away from the hustle and bustle of a big city like New-Work, Downtown San Diego is lively without being oppressive.

Gaslamp Quarter

When you go out in Downtown San Diego, it’s surely for its historical neighbourhood : Gaslamp Quarter. During the day, appreciate its calm and enjoy look at those historical buildings and nice little shops.

When the sun goes down, its another side of San Diego that is revealed. Around 6pm, it’s time to begin after-work parties. Bars and restaurants get busy. You can feel the hustle in the streets, particularly on the 5th Avenue. You have to know that in California, drinking alcohol is very controlled. After 2am no sell of alcohol is allowed, so that’s the time nightclubs closed and the party goes on in houses. Californian get used to start the party earlier.

The restaurant choice is big, so even if it’s tempting it’s impossible to test all of them. Possibilities are infinite!

Here are my favorite places in Downtown :

Mc Fadden’s 

The place to be on Thursday nights for international students. The reason why might be the 1$ bear of Thursday night… I recommend this place for a real American nights!


This place is really cool. The decor : beautiful. The atmosphere : awesome. The food : delicious. The speciality you have to test is the Iron Fries to share with a lot of toppings.


Simply real pizzas and fresh products!

Le Parfait Paris

If you are missing France, go to Le Parfait Paris : for its real croissants, pastries, baguette sandwiches and the nice owner!

Horton Plaza Park

This place located near Horton Plaza Mall, has been rebuilt recently. I’m super fan of the awesome big fresco of the artist Kelsey Montague (go see her work, really!) and the architecture of the Balboa Theater.