The Embarcadero is the boardwalk along the bay of San Diego. It’s for me, one of the best symbol of my travel there. It’s the first place I discovered with my french amazed eyes that had never seen anything else than Europe before. Only few minutes away from the place I lived in Little Italy, I used to walk there, just to feel the good atmosphere of San Diego.

Waterfront Park

Palmtrees, fountains, view on the bay and the must : the view of the Downtown skyline. Waterfront Park is located between Little Italy and the bay. It’s also the place of the historical and symbolic building of the San Diego County Administration Center. Waterfront Park is the kind of place where families like to let their child play and bath in the fountains while sunbathing on the grass. Come and see it for yourself !

Embrassing Peace and USS Midway museum

There is a big military base in San Diego and you can find many symbol of it going further along the bay. First of all, the impressive USS Midway, former aircraft carrier of the US Navy that is now a museum. This must be on you to-do list if you are a history lover. The authenticity of the place is surprising. Then, probably the most famous kiss of History : the Embrassing Peace statue. Under this important symbol that marks the end of the war, there are big chances to see lovers redo the famous scene. “So Romantic” !

Sea Port Village

Still going further along the bay, we arrive at Sea Port Village : a really nice locality where you can eat, shop and also admire the view of the bay. If you are luck like me, you’ll hear this Peruvian group and its remake of the song Hotel California, panpipes style. True story.

Take the Ferry

It would be to a shame to go to San Diego and not enjoy a moment over the bay. For example you can go to Coronado Island for a few dollars. There are also many guided tours like the Whale Watching tour that happened around February. At this period, you can observe grey whales migrating to the south. This is the occasion to watch San Diego on a new perpective.