La Jolla

La Jolla

La Jolla is a the stylish neighbourhood of San Diego, the kind of place you clearly would like to have a house with the beach view to gaze at sunset every evening. It’s a pretty rich neighbourhood but also pretty chill with all the Californian cliché.

Surf to La Jolla Shore 

For me La Jolla Shore rythmes with surf. It’s on this beach that I took my first surf lesson! By a nice summer Californian weather, on a Saturday morning, I’ve been to a surf meet-up. Meet-up is an app that allows people that doesn’t known each other to gather for a meeting about a common theme. I recommend this app for those who travel alone or just curious ones. Every Saturday morning on the beach of La Jolla Shore, a group of passionate about surf share their passion for those who want.

“I’ve never surf before”, the name of the meet-up event was made for me. You just have to arrive with a board rented few blocks away (Surf Diva!) et let’s surf! This day it was baby waves, perfect for the chicken that I am. I even had the chance to have a personal teacher who was really encouraging and it’s true that I needed it! My physical condition isn’t the one of a big sportive, I discovered few muscles on my arms. Whatever, the pride to take-off on the surf-board for the first time on one of the most beautiful beaches of California worth all the ache of the world! Magic memory.

La Jolla Cove

The other symbol of La Jolla is the sea lion. One of the nicest place to observe them it’s the Children’s pool, a sort of a cave where they come to rest all day. Along the coast you can watch them very closely, without disturbing them of course! Less pleasant : sea lions are know for their distinctive smell…

La Jolla Cove has also beautiful landscapes along the coast, I suggest you to walk along the Cost Walk Trail, there is a crazy panoramic view! Go down the rock for awesome pictures of the declining sunlight…

Mount Soledad

Enjoy a moment of loneliness… As its name implies, “Loneliness Mount” almost makes me want to stay there for hours thinking as Rodin’s The Thinker. Mount Soledad is the hill of the impressive Mount Soledad Cross, a memorial of the Korean war. More than an simple panoramic view, it’s also a beautiful tribute to war veterans.