Little Italy San Diego

Little Italy San Diego

My favorite neighbourhood! The reason why is that I had the chance to live in Little Italy for 3 months.

So I can see you going, does it really looks like a little Italy ? Not really, you really are in the US. Little Italy is, above all, about a way of life where you you eat, not only pizzas and drink, not only wine. This place is the proof that cooking has also its place in the US! There is a special liveness in this area, like a lot in the US, but the friendliness and the lifestyle make you feel instantanely like home.

On top of that, how beautiful it is! There is no oppressive feelings by buildings and some streets are climbing perpendicularly to the San Diego Bay that is not far, offering a splendid panoramic view on the pier. Don’t miss it for sunset of course…

Little Italy is one the nearest neighbourhood of Downtown. So if you are brave enough to live in San Diego without a car, it takes 20 minutes walking to get there (or, let’s not lie, a few dollars with Uber).

To get you bearings in Little Italy, the principal street is India Street, where there are restaurants and bars. It’s really identifiable thanks to its emblematic arch.

My favorite spots :

Little Italy Farmer’s Market

For me the best Farmer’s Market of San Diego is the one of Little Italy. There is nothing better than walking in Cedar Street on Saturdays morning. A lot of producers come to sell their products as french pastries, fresh fruits, beautiful bouquet of flowers, speciality from a lot of countries. It’s so diversify that you don’t know what to choose!


I tested many pizzerias in Little Italy and be careful to the americanised pizzas of some restaurant that are in fact brands that you can find everywhere in the US. The pizzeria where you can go on blind faith is Monello. They have many sorts of Italian dishes but pizzas are the best. Italy approves!

The M Whinehouse

I have to talk about the M Winehouse! Go say hi to my friend Julia, a french bartender that will be pleased to serve you good wine! This place is so cute, you can spend hours there reading winelovers quotes on walls.

Waterfront Bar

The other headquarter of Little Italy locals, is the oldest bar of San Diego! This place is perfect to have a drink (or two) thanks to its old pub atmosphere. At 1 o’clock on week-ends, when the bell rings, don’t miss the Cookie Monster that gives his delicious melting cookies out!

Glassdoor Restaurant

It’s the only restaurant with a panoramic view in Little Italy and no doubt the best view on the San Diego Bay. Up to the last floor of the Porto Vista Hotel, on Colombia street, it’s the ideal sunset spot with a cocktail!

Ballast Point Brewing

For bear lovers, there is a lot of breweries in San Diego. Those breweries are kind of a speciality here, given the number you can find. One of the most famous is Ballast Point, you can find those in many bars but the best is to go directly on their brewery-restaurant of Little Italy. Bears are made directly there so you can see the brewer and taste their new flavours. By the way, everyday the bear menu changes!