Mission Beach

Mission Beach

If you go to Mission Beach it’s of course for the beach, but also for the boardwalk, which is really pleasant. It’s exactly what you could imagine of a Californian boardwalk : it’s vaste, the sand is soft and people simply looks happy ! Of course, add to that beautiful range of palm tree and cloudless sunset : here we go Californian happiness ! So let’s bring some grilled food (burgers and hot-dogs of course !) and let’s start a BBQ with friends. We all want our part of happiness !

Belmont Park

The second highlight of Mission Beach is Belmont Park : roller-coaster, cotton candy and all sort of attractions. It’s the kind of fair, again, typically American, where you come to eat all kind of sweet and fat delicious things and stay amazed like a kid in front of all those attractions. What’s get all the attention is the roller-coaster, made from wood and dating from 1925 ! Let’s take a look at it between two beach sessions.

Wave House

It’s impossible not to stop at the Wave House. First of all, the place is huge and perfect to have a drink on the terrace face to the ocean. Then you stop there for the wave simulator ! You might not be tempted to test that kind of attraction, but I swear you can spend hours watching others on this infinite wave. Sometimes surfers are great and it seems so simple, or on the opposite, how fun are the drops…