Normal Heights

Normal Heights

My second favorite neighbourhood! I spent a lot of time in Normal Heights and even lived there for 2 months. It’s a residential area, full of life and multi-cultural, especially on the famous Adam’s Avenue. Normal Heights has an interesting artistic side : street arts, open stages, a lot of tattoo artists. On the food side too, you can find some surprising places!

Ceviche House

I discovered this incredible dish that ceviche is, on this little colourful restaurant. Same colours that you’ll find in this delicious and cheap meal! Ceviche is a typical dish from the Pacific Coast, made of fresh raw fish cured in citrus juices and spices. There you can find around ten different recipes with shrimps, different fresh fishes and fruits… It’s good but also healthy! Spices lovers will be thrilled, others can choose a less spicy version. And I survived to this so you can do it too!

Lestat’s Cafe

This coffee shop is my Normal Heights’s symbol. Just like at Starbucks but way more authentic, I spent few long evening there enjoying wifi and good pastries. This place is perfect just to observe Normal Heights’s life, students, board gamers, readers,… Further, there is also an open stage with a big variety of artist. This place is just perfect if you want to see the local life, you won’t see any tourists there!

Zia Gourmet Pizza

Pizza again and again! This time I swear those are different : associations of unlikely tastes and fresh products only. Khaled the boss is exceptionally kind and has a gift to remember all his customers. Impressive! The pizza choice is often different but there’s always his famous desert banana pizza, delicious!

Concrete Jungle Tattoo

Three months of obsession later, I finally crossed my limits and decided to fulfil my desire of palm tree tattoo on my ankle. Two blocks from where I lived, this tattooer worked wonder. So yeah I totally approve the experience : “get a tattoo in Normal Heights”!