Ocean Beach

Ocean Beach

First thing, Ocean Beach has a beautiful beach. Often compared to Pacific Beach, OB is more like a hippie place. Really chill, people are genuinely friendly, it’s like a permanent euphoria atmosphere. One day on the beach, a woman was simply turning round and round for like 15 minutes, stopping few times just to feel the euphoria effects on her mind!

Wonderland Pub

On the top, face to the ocean, the view of the bar is purely beautiful. I spent literally an entire day watching the Superbowl there, more fascinated by the view and the atmosphere than the game itself. Special mention for the little tapas.


A burger institution in San Diego! I tested the one in Downtown, but the one in Ocean Beach is typical and recognisable by its VW van in the main street of OB. You think to be starved enough to take the big size burger? Don’t, I swear those burgers are giant!

Beach Dog Beach

The cuty moment : to go on a beach dog! The Ocean Beach Dog Beach is not that beautiful but if you are fond of fluffy doggy you won’t regret it. Depending of the moment of the week, there are dogs EVERYWHERE that won’t be shy to lick you or beg you to throw their ball. Some of them are hilarious!