Old Town

Old Town

Let’s go back on time in Old Town, the historic park where all the history of southern California inspired by mexican culture takes place. This neighbourhood is meant to be a reconstitution of the village from which San Diego was built. In reality it’s a very touristic place full of clichés of the american life from 1821 and 1872. However that doesn’t take away the charm and the conviviality of Old Town !

Old Town Market

Welcome to Mexico ! From music to restaurants, everything here reminds you the importance of the Mexican culture in San Diego. There is a lot of touristic gift stores but also pretty hidden stuff. A bit cliché, but the conviviality is here. It’s nice and we love to listen mariachis and other mexican musicians. If you have the opportunity to, it’s the perfect place to celebrate mexican holidays like El dia de Los Muertos or Cinco de Mayo.

American History Museums

In the second part of the park, it’s a western atmosphere ! Every building tell the American life of these days. A lot of museum offers identical reconstruction of historic buildings as famous banks or candy shops. Even the entire staff is dressed back on time to make the place alive.

Whaley House

A haunted house, officially certified by the United States Commerce Department. It only happens in the US ! How many ghosts stories are reported there ? I let you see for yourself !